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Just a hopeless dreamer in the abysmal ocean that we call the universe.
Hello, everyone! Thought I'd finally write that journal entry about my experiences in Japan so far. If you're interested, read on; otherwise, be gone! :evillaugh: Yeah, I know, not art-related, but whatever. MY LIFE IS JUST AS IMPORTANT, YOU KNOW.

Also, before I start: Yes, my premium subscription ended and I can't really get a new one at the moment. So, if you'd like to help out, please donate to my donation pool (right below this journal)!

Alright, with all the formalities out of the way, let me tell you about my experiences here in Japan so far. It has been a little more than two months, and the first (and possibly most important) thing I can say is that I feel natural and at home here....for the most part, anyway. I find it easy to get around, talk to people, and just in general survive here. I honestly am thinking of staying here permanently in the future, although some people wouldn't be too happy about it (namely, my parents).

The thing I noticed the most here in Japan is that everyth-....okay, most things here are cheaper than in Canada. Transportation is roughly half the cost than in Canada - and 20000000% more punctual and efficient. The gap in difference is astronomical. Makes me feel like people in Canada are 50 years behind. Now, as I said, most things are cheaper - fruits and veggies, on the other hand, are way too overpriced. Holy hell, produce in Japan is expensive as hell. 2 apples for ¥300 ($3 or so)? In Canada, you can get way more for that price. You have to find small supermarkets or independent places to find produce at a more reasonable price (though still a bit pricier than Canada). I wonder how the hell they can keep themselves healthy - the single people, anyway.

That aside, though, living in Japan is mostly affordable, and I love the atmosphere here. I live in a decently-sized dorm in the uptown area of Suita (which is right next to Osaka). I have my own bed, shower, closet, desk, and mini-fridge. Toilets and kitchen are shared, but oh well. ALSO, THERE IS A MCDONALD'S ACROSS THE STREET. I literally just have to open my room's main door and I will see a giant golden "M" staring at me. There are also plenty of small shops, bakeries, etc. nearby. The closest mall or shopping center is a bit far (by walking), but if I want to go downtown, it's only a 20min train ride away. It's an interesting atmosphere, and I can't really relate it to back home. Either way, I would love to live here much longer - maybe even move to Kyoto or Kobe. Before you ask, no, I have no interest in Tokyo - it's nowhere near as cool or fun as you'd expect. I've been there and it's a huge disappointment.

The university here is pretty much what you'd expect - same old, same old. Only difference really is that classes here are 90min long (in Canada, they are 50min). Also, campus food is cheap and delicious (in my university, the food is overpriced and tastes like a donkey's behind). Also, the university has 3 campuses. The smallest one is roughly the same size as my university's size; the biggest one is maybe 4 or 5 times the size. Also, the two main campuses (big and medium ones) have their own monorail stations, as well as several bus stations. Makes getting to campus very easy.

All in all, I love it here in Japan. I feel natural and at home here, and I'd love to live here someday. As far as art goes, though, if I have the time, I'll work on it. I've been doing some sketches with calligraphy pens, but I am trying to get back into pencil sketching. Maybe during the winter break. Welp, that's all!
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EDIT: Actually, it IS taken on Twitter. Fuck. Oh well. And I probably won't make a Tumblr, so I am on here and Instagram for now.
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It's hard finding anything that isn't taking on twitter. :P
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